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True Sustainability Solutions for a High Performance World

Green1(G1) elite liquid product technologies successfully replace antiquated, century old toxic hazardous chemistries used in the agricultural, petroleum, industrial, animal/pet and home environments.

G1 is a nano – clean-tech California based business specializing in the development of elite natural, ultra pure, non-petro chemical, and powerful safe liquid technology solutions. G1 liquid applications are able to serve many industries and the authentic G1 nano technologies perform better than traditional toxic, caustic, hazardous and poisonous products.

The formulations have been evaluated and utilized at all levels, including actual in market business relationships with leading industry business entities such as United Airlines SFO, Penske Automotive CA, Gulfstream Private Aviation, Siemens Rail, Prima Frutta, The Great Pyrenees CA chapter, Elk Grove Ford and many leading professional racing teams. G1 Indiana distributor Jay Howard will be piloting the Team One Cure Tony Stewart Foundation Indy 500 #77 race car in the 2017 Indianapolis 500.

The Green1 pet / animal applications have been thoroughly tested utilized over the last 24+ months. Vast testimonial and benchmark-level industry references are available upon request.

The formulations have also been proven to be “cost effective” in all applications and all container sizes are reusable – refillable eliminating waste.

G1 solutions provide a valuable proven elite alternative solution to the global commercial business sector, agricultural world and home environments regarding the everyday use of toxic hazardous cleaning chemicals, insecticides, petroleum spill dispersants and other poisonous chemicals affecting the environment and mankind.


The G1 product line has been thoroughly tested, certified, formulated and successfully embraced by the toughest critics, universities, and labs in several industries.

G1 provides solutions to increasing global contamination and health problems.

The G1 natural nano – technology liquid is simply the most effective, safest, versatile, non-petroleum based de-greaser, oil field cleaning / remediation and agricultural science technology available.

Heading into 2017 Green1 Technologies is preparing for significant announcements in several industries.

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